Service Level Agreement

Article 1. Objective of maintenance

This Service Level Agreement sets out the obligations that Good One Media has in the context of maintaining a website. The Client is obliged to pay 75 euros (excluding VAT) per month for maintaining a website, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Article 2. Definitions

2.1 Client: any (legal) person who has concluded or wishes to conclude an agreement with Good One Media.
2.2 Good One Media: contractor, located in Eindhoven at Kastanjelaan 400.
2.3 Plugins: an addition to an existing program, in this case an addition to a WordPress website that adds functionalities.
2.4 Hosting: housing a website on a server.
2.5 SSL certificate: establishing a secure connection when a visitor comes to the website.
2.6 Back-end process: all processes behind what is visible on the website.
2.7 WordPress: WordPress is a content management system.

Article 3. Term

3.1 The agreement is entered into for an indefinite period.
3.2 The agreement cannot be canceled in the first 6 months. Afterwards this can be canceled monthly.
3.3 Upon termination of the contract, the licenses of included plugins expire. These plugins will be removed from the website.
3.4 If no service contract is concluded, 4 weeks of support is included after a website goes live.

Article 4. General provisions

4.1 This Service Level Agreement concerns services provided by Good One Media. If Good One Media is called upon with questions or incidents regarding hardware and/or software supplied directly by a third party, Good One Media reserves the right to refer to this supplier or to carry out the work with a third party. obligation of efforts and without obligation of result.
4.2 If there is any doubt as to whether the service to be provided falls under the Service Level Agreement, Good One Media has the right to make a decision about this. If the service is not covered by the Service Level Agreement, the service will take place, with the permission of the client, at an hourly rate of 65 euros (excluding VAT).
4.3 The amount stated in Article 4.2 does not include the costs to be incurred or incurred for providing the service such as, but not limited to, installing (additional) paid plugins.
4.4 The agreed maintenance will only take place during Good One Media's usual working hours.
4.5 Necessary adjustments or additions that fall under maintenance will take place within a reasonable period. The parties enter into consultation to agree on a term.

Article 5. Service Levels

The services mentioned in this article fall within the maintenance resulting from this Service Level Agreement.

Article 5.1 Web hosting

5.1.1 Web hosting means placing the client's website on a server at an external party.
5.1.2 Web hosting includes the following services in the context of maintenance:
a.) website transfer (any additional costs not included);
b.) optimize hosting for WordPress;
c.) maintenance and technical support of the hosting;
d.) daily hosting backups and
e.) SSL certificates.
5.1.3 Hosting and domain name costs are not included.

Article 5.2 Maintenance and management of the content

5.2.1 Managing and maintaining content includes the following services:
a.) Good One Media always keeps the website theme and plugins up to date;
b.) adding plugins that are quick and easy to add, any costs of plugins must be paid by the client;
c.) adding or modifying texts, images and other content;
d.) adding 'premade-layout' pages such as, but not limited to, blog posts or portfolio items and
e.) making simple changes to parts of the design such as, but not limited to, colors, white spaces and buttons.

Article 5.3 Plugins

5.3.1 Installed plugins also include premium plugins, which are limited to:
a.) TranslatePress;
b.) WP Rocket;
c.) RankMath and
d.) WP Mail SMTP.

Article 6. Demarcation

6.1 The following services are not included in the maintenance to be provided by Good One Media, this is not an exhaustive list:
a.) creating new pages on the website;
b.) installing advanced (paid) plugins that Good One Media must configure;
c.) making major changes to the design or layout;
d.) make adjustments to back-end processes such as, but not limited to, the payment system and accounts and
e.) Editing content, images and videos.